Efficient -Factory

We constantly improve our prdocutive-Technology so that we could achive the need of the different clients with the update equipments upments.


To provide the high-quality products and to gain the trust we should have been managing our quality-control with the requirement of ISO9002


We believe that the data is the important guideline of evaluating the dealing and market condition. In order to have the accurate data in time, we have the inner computer network and collect the effective internal computer network and collect the effective data in each producing step.

Also, you can see the our producing possess o you may see our product-processing of your own order in detail through our own Website.

Environmental Factory
We should become aware the importance of protecting the enviroment in the new-coming century. which be limited the collecting and dealing of waste by the strictive condition. In this circumstance we go to pass assessment and registration of ISO14000.
Factory in Beauty

There are a lot of trees and flowers in our factory. They are almost factory which are covered appox 36% which are almost 36% in there. and we believe that encouraged employees